Saturday, April 23, 2011

mmusic, ladies night unplugged

"This is the night where ladies take the stage"
Co-organized by Multmedia Arts & Theaters Club (MATA)
In collaboration with Majlis Kanser Nasional (MAKNA)

this is a charity acoustic night featuring an all-female lineup of performances and a night of appreciation towards the ladies in our community. Come and be entertained while helping us raise funds for MAKNA as a portion of ticket sales will go to the cancer fund. Be prepared to be mesmerized by the performances of:

Zette Shazlin
Nur Izzat
Liyana Samsuddin (Legal Idol 2011 winner)
Nadia Emilia

as well as guest performances in the likes of:

Liyana Fizi (Estrella)
Diandra Arjunaidi

+a special sketch performance by MATA

copy paste info kt fb page..
hu5..terbaik la..
ak join security tuk event ni...
leh relax2 otak kit....
actually 1st event yg ak join tuk mmu..
igt mls nk involve,tp tertarik lak nk join..
tp berbaloi la dgn x ckp tdo,sbb ak keje pagi masa tu...
klu ad event g..mau kn join ni;;


Muza Stuff said...

saya jealous sebab x dapat pergi.auntie,kenapalah awak datang pada hari tersebut??

freaky joey said...

x pe..kalau ad event g nt..join k...ajak je sape2 yg dtg....

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